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AICUM’s Student Financial Aid Day at the State House – Your Participation Will Make the Difference!


Wheelock's Alexandra Ullrich with Gov. Patrick during the 2013 Student Financial Aid Day

Each year, students from colleges and universities across Massachusetts ascend on the State House for Student Financial Aid Day. This annual event provides an opportunity for students to advocate for funding to the need-based financial aid programs critical to helping student get to – and through – college.

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The Varieties of Climate Change Denial

Ronald Sandler

A poll last week from Duke University found that 50% of Americans are “convinced that climate change is now occurring” and another 34% believe it […]

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Forgotten youth: Connecting with out-of-school youth through dropout recovery

Chad d'Entremont

Each year, thousands of Massachusetts students drop out of school. The path forward for these students is difficult, with limited opportunities for sustained career and […]

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Student success not just a measure of hard and soft skills


In the United States, educational accountability has become almost synonymous with the use of standardized metrics to assess student knowledge. Pushed by both state and […]

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