2015 Boston General Elections

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All 13 seats on the Boston City Council were available for this 2015 election. The filing date for prospective candidates was May 19, 2015, swiftly followed by September’s primary elections. Boston, Massachusetts, held General Elections for city council on November 3, 2015.


Boston City Council’s longest-serving members, Stephen J. Murphy and 16 termed – Charles C. Yancey (first elected in 1983), lost their bids for re-election on Tuesday. Two women, who have never been elected to political office before were introduced to the Boston political scene. Annissa Essaibi George, a high school teacher of 14 years, defeated Murphy for the fourth at-large seat representing the entire city of Boston. Andrea Joy Campbell, a Mattapan Attorney, defeated Yancey in District 4, a seat representing Mattapan and Dorchester that the incumbent had held since it was created.

June Conley, a first-year student at Wheelock College expressed that “change in Boston is what we need; I am excited to see what great things these women have in store for our communities.”

Information source: http://ballotpedia.org/Boston,_Massachusetts_municipal_elections,_2015

District 4 and 7 were the only districts to hold primary elections:

  • [DISTRICT 4] Jovan J. Lacet withdrew from the race in August to endorse incumbent Yancey. Campbell received the highest percentage of votes during the primary election, Yancey placing second. After being defeated in the Primary elections, Yancey began to campaign for November’s election. On Tuesday, in the General Elections, Campbell (57.9%) defeated Yancey (33.9%). Yancey said the election was a “wake-up call”. Campbell swept to victory, winning 25 of the 32 precincts.
  • [DISTRICT 7] Tito Jackson, led the primary, with 66.4 percent of the vote. In the General Elections, he defeated Charles L. Clemons Jr.

All thirteen council incumbents ran for re-election. Five ran unopposed. The last time there were only city council seats in the primary was 2007.

Two prevalent issues that attracted attention this election season were:

  1. Nationwide disagreement over whether the salaries of the council should be raised. As of October 2015, the salary of the City Council members was $87,500. In October 2014, the council voted 9-4 (table shows how each council member voted) to raise their compensation by $20,000. Mayor Marty Walsh vetoed the bill and asked a compensation advisory board to make a recommendation on the council’s pay. The board recommended a modest pay increase of 11 percent ($97,000). Mayor Walsh proposed salaries to be raised to $99,500.
  2. All of the candidates agreed on the importance of diversity of the faculty in the Boston Public Schools. For at least 25 percent of new positions, schools are federally required to hire black teachers.

Chart source: http://maineelections.bangordailynews.com/

Chairman and Founding Partner, Alex Castellanos, of Purple Strategies articulated at a recent New England Council seminar, that the most common themes voters are looking at in the upcoming presidential elections are reliability to candidates, trust, morals, personal branding and character of the potential candidate. Were Boston voters sending a message? This election, voters appeared to be voting for candidates because they are going to make a difference (and have proven their experience in making a difference) in their communities, educational structures and legal systems.

New England Ballot Highlights:

Souce: http://maineelections.bangordailynews.com

New England City Elections Results:

  1. Election results for Connecticut residents can be found here: http://www.sots.ct.gov/sots/cwp/view.asp?a=3179&q=565256
  2. Election results for Rhode Island residents can be found here: http://www.elections.state.ri.us/elections/elected/
  3. Election results for Maine residents can be found here: http://maineelections.bangordailynews.com/
  4. Election results for New Hampshire residents can be found here: http://www.wmur.com/politics

Jada Cash-Wilson is a Project Coordinator/Graduate Intern in the Department of Government & ExternBlog Photoal Affairs and Community Impact and holds a BA in Political Philosophy. Before connecting with Wheelock, she worked as a Research Policy/Grant Analyst and liaison between the Mayor and City Council for a major city in the mid-west, and as a Legislative Aide for former U.S Senator Carl Levin. Jada aspires to someday make a positive difference in the world.



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