What $50,000 means for Wheelock

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If 500 people give on Wheelock Giving Day—March 30, 2017—Wheelock will receive an additional $50,000. So we want to share specifically what an additional $50,000 would mean for Wheelock students. By making a gift of any amount on March 30, you will help the College provide incredible opportunities for future students. When 500 people make gifts to the College that day, two generous donors will donate $50,000 ($25,000 each) to Wheelock!

For undergraduate students, a $50,000 gift to the College means a lot! With over 97 percent of students receiving financial aid, it would provide support for at least two students. It could also be used in any number of merit-based scholarships (starting at $14,000), or it could be used to fund 25 out-of-state first-year students at $2,000 each! For more information about undergraduate scholarships and grants at Wheelock, click here.

For graduate students, a gift of $50,000 to Wheelock could mean awards of five Dean’s or Community Scholarships of $10,000 each to first-year graduate students. Dean’s Scholarships are based on undergraduate academic performance, and Community Scholarships are awarded to those “who have already shown a commitment to working with children and families in either their professional or volunteer work.” For more information about graduate scholarships and assistantships, click here.

So when we say your $5 gift has a bigger impact on March 30 than on any other day in 2017, we mean it. Help us turn your $5 gift into $50,000 by making a gift on Wheelock Giving Day!

For more information, visit wheelock.edu/givingday. If you are interested in becoming an online or on-campus ambassador for the first Wheelock Giving Day, email Emilia in the Development and Alumni Relations Office at esalazar@wheelock.edu or click here.

Wheelock Giving Day

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  1. We would like to participate. How can we promote your Giving day best?