A Focus on Philanthropy Sparks Passion


I am Cara McAuliffe and I recently graduated from Wheelock College with a bachelor’s of science degree.  During my undergraduate career I majored in American Studies and Human Development with a focus in children, family, and culture.  I am also a part of the Child Life Dual Degree Program, which is a five-year program that prepares students to become certified child life specialists.  I will be continuing in the program and begin my graduate degree this fall at Wheelock College.  During my time at Wheelock College, I have been actively involved in the New Orleans Service Learning Trip, where I have had the opportunity to work with my peers and Wheelock faculty to help rebuild homes that were destroyed by Hurricane Katrina.  My academic and service experiences have inspired me to work toward the improvement of the lives of children around the globe, particularly in regards to health care.Cara McAuliffe

I was driven to become involved in this conference as I am passionate about improving the lives of children, youth, and families and I believe access to education and healthcare are key in doing so.  This conference is the opportunity for members of the global community to share and discuss how education and health care access can be improved and ensure that everyone’s human rights are protected.  The conversation that will be had at this conference is just the beginning in a long journey to improving lives around the globe.  During my panel, “Nothing about us without us”; Fostering Early Youth Engagement in three strands of importance to the global community: Education, Health, and Human Rights, I will be discussing the how critical it is for children and youth to have equal access to healthcare and education.  Additionally I plan to discuss how access to education and healthcare in childhood affects an individual’s well-being in adulthood.

I am excited to attend the panel “A focus on philanthropy,” as it will be discussing the challenges and opportunities that philanthropic organizations face in providing services globally.  As someone who strives to serve others I feel it’s crucial to have a discussion about how service can be provided to the global community to be most effective to the population.  Additionally, I am excited to hear Steve Gross, the founder and chief playmaker of the Life is Good Playmakers, speak on the aforementioned panel.  The Life is Good Playmakers is an organization that uses play and child life to improve the lives of children affected by various challenges in life. As a future child life specialist, I have a keen interest in understanding the challenges and opportunities that Gross has experienced in his delivery of service to children in need.

About the Author: I am Cara McAuliffe and I recently graduated from Wheelock, where I majored in American Studies and Human Development. I am particularly interested in human rights and globalization, especially how it affects health care around the world.