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The new Wheelock.edu Home pageWheelock College has unveiled a brand new look for its website, wheelock.edu. The redesign reflects a new design aesthetic for the Wheelock brand using close portraits with an emphasis on black & white photos, as well as cleaner navigation elements and a simplified color scheme.

Though the look is strikingly different from the old website, the functionality of the site is unchanged. So, users can still find all their favorite content in the same places and in the same ways that they always have.

This website redesign is one part of a new branding platform that Wheelock College launched this fall to draw attention to the College and raise awareness of what makes unique the people and opportunities it supports. The new campaign is built around one simple question: Are you Tough Enough to Inspire a World of Good?

This campaign is an affirmation of Wheelock College’s important mission to improve the lives of children and families. This mission has remained unchanged since the College was founded 125 years ago by education pioneer Lucy Wheelock.

Within Wheelock, everyone knows the mission and we all live it every day. Wheelock students, faculty, staff, and alumni understand that this rewarding mission is not an easy job. However, not everyone beyond the campus realizes this. Helping others often requires an inner strength. It takes resilience, understanding, and patience to help a child learn to read, to bring a family back together, or to steer a teenager back on track. Yet we believe that there is no work more important, or rewarding.

With the simple phrase “tough enough to inspire a world of good,” we are telling the world that it takes a special kind of person to do the admirable yet often challenging work in which Wheelock alumni and students are engaged. Students who come to Wheelock are passionate about making a difference; they universally have a drive and strong commitment to improve the world. At Wheelock, they gain the knowledge and skills so they can realize their potential and make a positive difference in people’s lives.

We are excited to launch this new website design and this new platform for our message so more people in the world hear of the many ways in which our students and alumni have been tough enough, bold enough, wise enough, and compassionate enough to have a positive impact on one person, or many. The world needs more Wheelock students and graduates out there improving the lives of children and families.

This is the most comprehensive, coordinated marketing effort that Wheelock College has ever undertaken. In addition to the new look for the website, the College has completely redesigned and rewritten all of the print and electronic materials used by its Admissions teams. In addition, the College will soon launch two brand-new online viewbooks, one focused on Undergraduates and the second for Graduate students.

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  1. The new design of the http://www.wheelock.edu/ looks aspiring and very good layout, it looks good but if the color of the top navigation is a bit dark it will look more good.. Over all great work done by the developer and designers.

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