Act and React: How Will You Take the Conference Home with You?


You’ve asked important questions. You’ve listened attentively. You’ve exchanged contact information. Now what?

kevin-carrollKevin Carroll, founder of Kevin Carroll Katalyst/LLC and the author of three highly successful books, lead conference attendees through an “inspiration-to-action” progression that will take our experiences from the Wheelock Global Conference sessions and connect this to our work locally and globally.

How will you share what you’ve learned with your peers? With your own audience?

How will you explain what this conference was about?

What actions will you take? What partnerships did you create?

Please share your thoughts on next steps in the comments so that your ideas may inspire others. They may be as short or as long as you’d like them to be.

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  1. Lessons learned from this conference have increased my resolve to engage our students to examine their role as educators. Yes, their work in the classroom, with children and their families continues to be of utmost importance. But I also seek to encourage advocacy and to deepen our collective understanding of education as a human right of ALL children. Education, for even our youngest citizen, that is participatory and embedded in principles of social justice. Thank you for an extraordinary experience and the opportunity to learn from each of you!

  2. I believe that small things make a very big difference.

  3. The most exciting element for me was how Global Causes consistently offered groups of panelists in one panel who hold very different perspectives on the issue: culturally, philosophically, practically. The results was often exciting and always interesting, and frankly refreshing as well. I took away professionally the need to look for people in the field who approach social media for causes completely differently, and how listening to all of these opinions and perspectives could create something much greater than anything I could develop on my own.

  4. Michael DaCosta Babb June 27, 2013 at 4:29 am

    The Wheelock International Conference was 360º inspirational for me professionally and personally and I learnt a huge amount. Three days on and I am sitting in a hotel room at sunrise in Essen, Germany overlooking KennedyPlatz :) preparing for another event but I am still in the Wheelock afterglow! For me my whole experience in Boston and at Wheelock was about people: the students and their love of the school; the Wheelock team including the volunteers led by Jackie and their total dedication; the conference participants all of whom had major expertise and knowledge; (even those security guards I met at the Federal Court who found it very amusing that a Brit would confuse the Boston Design Centre with their courthouse!).

    My commitment to Wheelock was to open doors for the people who crossed my path and I have started to do that and I will carry on doing so.

  5. I commit to continue talking about these issues because you can’t fight invisible battles.

  6. Community. Connections. Stories. Insights. Inspiration. Energy. Froebel. Global Catalysts. PLAY Matters. We All Speak BALL!
    I commit to continue to do my “level best” to change the world + advance the human condition via the power of sport/play, education/literacy. GameON!

  7. I learnt a lot from this conference…………… ” Hate the crime , not the criminal ; hate the sin , not the sinner ” and i commit to respect each and every community either its in minority or majority…………………………………………….Impeccable is the word for this conference

  8. No amount of preparation and planning for the Global Challenges conference could have indicated to us the quality of the conversations that would take place, the connections that were going to be made, or the degree of affirmation that we would receive that what Wheelock was doing was unique, necessary, and valuable. The four days of the conference were fantastic reward for those participating as speakers, planners, attendees, and sponsors.

    My commitment is to keep the conversations alive, to further the connections, and to broaden the reach of #GlobalCauses. As we speak, this site is being revamped for a longer-term purpose. The Wheelock leadership is on board to expand our support of the virtual communities already begun here. And the offer is open to all of you who come by whatever pathway: your voice is welcome, your thoughts encouraged, and your solutions desired by a world thirsty for change and improvement.

    Let the dialog continue!