Admission Tip #1: Making the Most of College Fairs

This is the first post in a series geared toward helping you through the college application process. Fall is a time when college admission representatives spend a large portion of their time traveling to college fairs meet prospective students who may one day enroll at their school.  In this post, you will learn how to make the most of a college fair.

1.    Bring a backpack or lightweight bag with you to the fair.

You will find that there will be plenty of brochures and handouts on tables at college fairs.  It will be easier for you to carry all of the new information you received if you put everything in a backpack or bag.

2.    When you complete an inquiry card for a school, please print legibly.

Students typically complete multiple cards during a college fair.  But, writing legibly will ensure that your information entered accurately into a database system.  We want to make sure that you receive all of the information we send to you.

3.    Bring preprinted labels with you to college fairs.

When you visit a table at a fair or meet a representative from a school you are interested in, you can just remove a label and place it on a card.  You might need to fill in a few additional fields, but this will certainly save you time.  Some basic information you can include on your labels are:

  • Your first and last name
  • Mailing Address
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • High School

4.    Try not to limit yourself to visiting representatives from colleges you plan to apply to, but also look at other colleges.

You may find that your dream school is a school you discovered at a college fair and you had a great conversation with an admission representative.  At college fairs, you will find that there are college representatives from various locations offering a wide range of majors. You may also have picked up material (brochures, viewbooks, bookmarkers, etc.) that helped you learn more about a particular school.

5.    Prepare questions that you would like to ask admission representatives.

By preparing questions in advance, you can spend more time asking admission representatives questions rather than trying to think of questions on the spot.  There may be students waiting in line to speak to a representative.  You can write down your questions in a notebook or print them out.  I recommend bringing a notebook with you to the fair.  This way, you can write down the answers to your questions in one place.  When you get home, you can then easily review your questions and answers.

What questions do you like to ask admission representatives at college fairs or during their visit to your school?

Take care,