Aligning Child Care Work With the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals


In the July/August issue of Exchange magazine, Child Care Exchange shared an article by Chloe O’Gara and Sian Williams about aligning education with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. Within the article, the exact mission of Wheelock College appears; as such, their goals are necessarily connected to ours. Drawing attention to the next 15 years of work, dedicated to improving the lives of young children and their families, they write:

To meet our shared global challenges, the nations of the world have created a set of Sustainable Development Goals to embody a global vision of a better, sustainable future for all people….  Global early childhood development activists are working to strengthen Sustainable Development Goals targets and monitoring of effects on young children.  Besides being an important national commitment with great potential to improve early childhood policies and investment, the Sustainable Development Goals may give everyone who cares for young children a unique opportunity to learn about new approaches to better care.

un sustainable development goalsThe full article can be accessed from Child Care Exchange (or by clicking the image above), but please also note the distillation of the UN’s goals below. Nine of their seventeen identified goals affect students on a daily basis. As you read, think about how these factors might affect your students – and what role you can play in addressing those goals. Which ones are clearly present in your classroom? How can you address them?

Sustainable Development Goals That Affect Children Every Day