Alone Time in the Library

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If you ask me, one of the best places on campus is the library. The Wheelock library gives you a choice of nine floors to do homework, to have a conference, to work on a group project, or to simply sit down in a comfy chair with a great book.Library

It’s time for a fun fact about the Wheelock College Library!

**The floors have a special system. The floor names are as followed: Basement, Lower Level, 1, 1M, 2, 2M, 3, 3M, 4, 4M.

The floors get quieter as you go up. So, the first six floors are places where you can meet up with friends and do homework or where you can gather in a conference room to work or have a meeting. These floors are called “Collaborative Floors” because they are meant for people to gather and do work together or simply sit there with friends discussing, reading, or hanging out. However when you reach the 3M level, it switches into “Quiet Zones”. These floors are strictly quiet floors. Floors 3M, 4, and 4M are perfect places where you can go to focus on homework, to write a paper, or to read a book.

My favorite floor is 4, which is a perfect place to put my headphones in, focus, and get my homework completed. I also have a perfect little spot in the corner where I zone out to do homework. Since it is so quiet up there, I finish everything that I set my mind to. It’s an amazing place to go to when you have a paper that needs to be done, especially if you get distracted easily, like me!

Another level that I love is the basement of the library, which is where the writing center and the computer lab are. Mostly all my papers have gone through the writing consultants and I have to say, they are extremely helpful!

Coming into college, I knew that I was going to use the library a lot, but I did not know that it was going to be one of my favorite places on campus.

-Meilin Chong

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  1. Cool floor system. Would be nice to use in the Netherlands!