Alum Used Wheelock Education to Create Her Own Career Path


Lisa McCabe Biagetti ’80 says when she studied at Wheelock, she knew that severe state budget cuts meant that jobs in her chosen field of special education were scarce. So, she and some of her classmates got creative and combined their Wheelock education classes with a semester abroad in Mexico, Spanish classes through another Colleges of the Fenway institution, and extra classes in bilingual curriculum development.

“When we graduated, we were certified in bilingual education,” she says. “I taught in Framingham for many years doing bilingual special education.” She has also taught preschool and currently teaches adults.

“I’ve never felt I didn’t have the background to do whatever I want to do.”

Lisa became a Wheelock corporator and then a trustee because she wanted to help shape the College’s future and the positive impact it has on each generation of students. “I want to understand the students and make sure their experience here at Wheelock is like mine, and better.”

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