Wheelock College Alumni Authors: Teaching and Parenting Topics

Wheelock College has more than 14,000 alumni out in the world doing the work of Lucy Wheelock, improving the lives of children and families. Among those amazing alums are an ever-growing number of published authors, whose books can be found in libraries and bookstores around the globe. Together, their works—written for teachers, parents, children, and a variety of other audiences—educate, challenge, provoke, and entertain. As Wheelock approaches its 130th anniversary, we decided to celebrate some of our incredible alumni authors.

This blog post highlights alumni books centered on teaching and parenting topics. These alumni authors will help you improve student writing through poetry, become a more positive parent, and help children navigate tricky topics. See all the blog posts about Wheelock’s alumni authors.

Word Choice Matters book coverHeidi Paffard Simmons ’68
Word Choice Matters: Teaching Children through the Poetic Process to Write What They Mean (2016)
Learn how to celebrate the magic of poetry while solving the mystery of how to help young writers express themselves poetically. Heidi Simmons offers a gradual release plan that will make sense to both teachers and students—and will work! Longtime educator and passionate teacher of poetry guides us step-by-step through eight poetry lessons, each with multiple sessions that bring elements of word choice in poetry to life within and beyond the classroom. Every session shows us how to: say it, show it, discover it, note it, brave it, share it, and continue it. Busy teachers will also appreciate the time-saving classroom-ready resources, and clearly identified lists of materials and procedures. Best of all are the many poems crafted by children that demonstrate not just a particular word choice concept, but exemplify such inspired writing that you will want your students to experience these same poetic opportunities. See the book on amazon.com.

Pathways to Positive Parenting book coverJolene Christoff Pearson ’80MS
Pathways to Positive Parenting (2016)
An essential resource for all professionals who work with families of infants, this valuable handbook serves as a parent educator’s guide to coaching and supporting new parents. Jolene Pearson describes innovative teaching techniques, along with practical and effective strategies that are field-tested, science-based, and can be applied immediately. The book includes information on important topics such as postpartum depression, tummy time, breastfeeding, Safe to Sleep, and coping with crying. The book was an outcome of Jolene’s time at Wheelock. Her advisor, Linda Gilkerson, placed Jolene with Dr. T. Berry Brazelton at the Child Development Research Unit at Harvard Medical School. Jolene says, “Being in that multidisciplinary setting set in motion events that would impact a statewide program in Minnesota called Early Childhood Family Education and resulted in needing a special guide for parent educators—who often had very little training or education about infants.” See the book on amazon.com.

I Said No book coverKimberly King ’93MS and Zack King
I Said No! A Kid Guide to Keeping Private Parts Private (2016)
Helping kids set healthy boundaries for touching can be an awkward task for parents, counselors, and educators. Kimberly King’s motivation for this book came from wanting to help her son, Zack, cope with a real-life experience he had with a friend. The book offers kid-to-kid guidelines that children can understand, practice, and use in a range of problematic situations. It provides guidance on when and where to go for help, and what to do if the people you’re turning to for help don’t listen. See the book on amazon.com.