Arts and Sciences Majors Prepare Students for Global Citizenship


Wheelock College Arts and Sciences majors and programs give students better exposure to the world at large, empowering them with the skills and building blocks needed to accomplish life’s goals.  Our students gain a well-rounded understanding of liberal arts and human development that allows them to grow as both intellectuals and effective communicators.  By minimizing lectures and placing high value on student experiences (internships, travel, etc.), the classroom becomes a place of dialogue and our students are able to develop a world view that helps establish a real connection between what’s going on in the classroom and what’s going on in the world.

“The arts and sciences are crucial to the education of a global citizen, and to that end, we provide a rigorous academic offering that helps prepare students to become citizens of the world.”

– Dr. Shirley Malone-Fenner, Professor of Psychology and Human Development

The undergraduate Arts and Sciences program at Wheelock College introduces students to social sciences, humanities, visual and performing arts, math, and science, and offers arts and sciences majors in related disciplines. A carefully conceived program of field placements beginning in the first year gives students experience in schools, hospitals, and community agencies, providing a foundation for the professional undergraduate majors in Early Childhood, Elementary, or Special Education; in Social Work, Juvenile Justice and Youth Advocacy or several minors.

Students who attend Wheelock College come to see themselves as advocates for children and families in a global way. They move from understanding the personal impact they can have in children’s lives to understanding the societal forces that must shape their work and the effects they can have on those forces.

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