Chief Diversity Officer Marta Rosa Featured by Project Starfish


“Using a strengths-based approach to the work, we have come a long way.”

When Project Starfish needed an expert to talk about the impact of diversity in education and the workforce, they turned to Wheelock College’s Chief Diversity Officer, Marta Rosa. On her edition of their “60 Minutes 2 Impact,” she speaks about her rise from an improperly-placed student, to exemplary elected official (1 of 3 Latinx government officials in Chelsea, MA), to consultant, and finally to changemaker here at Wheelock.

In her current role, she is charged with creating an environment where differences can be respected, and diversity can be fostered. She loves seeing this energy in students, and shared that excitement with listeners:

Students across the country are rising up and saying, ‘we need to talk about racism. We need to talk about inclusion. We need to talk about LGBTQ [issues]. We need to talk about the needs of our special abilities population.’ They’re speaking up and asking for more.

She recognizes that this type of broadly-reaching inclusion takes time to build. But she is more than willing to take that time, along with energy and heart, to facilitate unity: “I believe that in unity, there is strength.”