Choosing Wheelock


Amanda Belair is a senior majoring in Elementary Education. In this post, she shares her story about how she found Wheelock and why she chose to attend this college.

amanda belairWhen I first started thinking about college, I had no idea where to even start. I was the first of my immediate family to look into a 4-year school. My dad went to community college near our house, and my mom didn’t finish her first semester. I was late starting the college process. I looked at a few schools the summer before my senior year, but I wasn’t taking any of it really seriously. I was in all honors and AP classes and I earned relatively good grades. I wasn’t looking at any schools that I was afraid I wouldn’t get into. The schools I looked at were mainly state schools, and I visited a few private colleges. There was no school I visited that I could see myself as a student there.

In October, I decided to go onto the College Board website and try out one of those college match questionnaires. I typed in everything I was looking for. I hit search and this was the result: No Match Found. I looked at the screen and thought, “I’m never going to find a school that I absolutely love.” So I went back and broadened the search a little bit more. Fifteen schools came up this time. I thought to myself, “Okay, at least now I can visit some schools; hopefully one of these is the place for me.” I got out my notebook and copied down all the schools that came up. I clicked on each school and read the quick facts. I was looking mostly at where the schools were located and what majors were offered. At this time, I knew I was looking for a school that offered education. I wanted to be a teacher. After looking at all the schools on my list, I narrowed it down some more. I was only going to look at schools that were in close proximity to me because I knew I wanted to be able to visit them. I was also looking for schools that had open houses or visitation days around that time.

Wheelock College had made the cut because they were easily accessible, and they had a Fall Open House in November. I ran down to ask my mom if she would be able to go with me. It was on a Saturday in November and I knew I wanted one of my parents to be there with me. My mom wasn’t too excited to hear that I was looking at a school in the heart of Boston. She said it was too far away, but I only live 20 minutes north of Boston. I think she was just nervous about me possibly living in Boston. But, she made the trip out to the Fenway T stop on the Green D branch with me that Saturday in November.

We checked in at the event, and sat down patiently waiting to go on the tour to see the campus. We listened to a presentation, and then it was the tour! I don’t remember much about the tour now, but I do remember the conversation I had with my mom on the T ride home. My mom turned to me and asked what I thought about this school. I looked at her and said, “This is the place I want to go. This place just feels right for me. I need to go to Wheelock College.” My mom looks back at me and said, “I love this place too!” I knew from the moment I walked on campus, that Wheelock was the place for me. There was this feeling in my gut that this was the place I had to go. It’s a feeling I can’t explain. Leaving Wheelock that day, I just knew that I had to go to there.

I know that finding the right college is a challenging task. I encourage you to visit schools you may be interested in attending. Talk to the students, faculty, and staff and get to know them by asking questions. Best of luck with your college search!