Allie Goyette (’15) Works to Combat Climate Change

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Allie Goyette (’15)  (right) photographed with Lisa Lobel, Wheelock College Assistant Professor of Biology and Director of Colleges of the Fenway (COF) Center for Sustainability for the Environment
Allie Goyette (’15) (right) photographed with Lisa Lobel, Wheelock College Assistant Professor of Biology and Director of Colleges of the Fenway (COF) Center for Sustainability for the Environment

On October 1, 2014, Allie Goyette (’15), of Rockport, MA attended the 2014 Presidential Summit on Climate Leadership hosted by Second Nature. The Summit brought together more than 250 college and university leaders from across the U. S. to focus on ways to strengthen campus climate action and sustainability initiatives, as well as higher education’s leadership role in developing strategic responses to climate and sustainability challenges in community, regional, and national contexts.

Goyette attended the Spotlight Showcase at the conference alongside Lisa Lobel, Assistant Professor of Biology at Wheelock College and Director of Colleges of the Fenway (COF) Center for Sustainability for the Environment and. She shared materials with showcase attendees on the iPads featuring the Colleges of the Fenway Sustainability Minor and the Wheelock College’s Environmental Studies major and its institutional sustainability efforts. The response to Wheelock and the COF’s programs was very strong. Goyette enjoyed making connections with academics and experts interested in climate change from across the country; she shared the great progress made towards sustainability by Wheelock College and the COF Consortium.

Goyette is an Environmental Studies major with a minor in Sustainability though the Colleges of the Fenway, a consortium of six colleges in the Fenway neighborhood. The Major in Environmental Studies provides students with the foundation required to study environmental issues through an interdisciplinary lens. The Minor in Sustainability seeks to educate students about the interdisciplinary aspects of science/technology, economics/public policy and social justice that affect the ability of society to manage natural resources (such as clean air, water, energy) in a way in which those resources meet society’s present and future needs.

Goyette began Wheelock College with the intent of majoring in Elementary Education; however, after gaining employment through a work-study with the Science department, she quickly fell in love with the passion of the professors and the thrill that comes with proving a hypothesis. While assisting Co-chair and Professor of Math and Science Ellen Faszewski in research for a new major (Environmental Studies), she became captivated with the ways of our world, and eternally committed to advocating for those without a voice like the plants, animals, oceans, and air.

While at Wheelock, Goyette has created the first on campus eco-club, Wheelock Students for Environmental Action, and is a recipient of a National Science Foundation STEM scholarship for promising individuals pursuing a degree in a STEM (Science/ Technology/ Engineering/ Math) related field. Additionally, she was a panelist, awarded the Certificate of Excellence from the National Science Foundation and Colleges of the Fenway Center for Sustainability for Meteorological Impact Report of Fenway Restoration Project, presented at the Muddy River Research Symposium in April 2013. This fall, she is employed on campus as the Student Sustainability Manager though Sodexo and Wheelock Dining, working as liaison between students and dining services to get information out about existing sustainability efforts and to follow up on ones students would like to see. Planning is being done for bees and a greenhouse to be installed on campus in the near future. Outside of Wheelock, she’s held internships at the Boston Museum of Science and grassroots organization the Better Future Project.

Looking forward to her graduation in December, Goyette hasn’t decided whether to tackle climate change at its roots as a scientist, become an environmental lawyer, or work in mitigation. No matter which path she takes, she is determined to give back because she knows how it feels to want. She refuses to let civilizations’ current lack of environmental integrity decide on a future for her children where the water is impotable and air is unbreathable. She is proud to be a part of Wheelock College, Wheelock Dining, and the COF Center for Sustainability’s progress toward a better future, and for continuing to inspire a world of good for children and families.

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  1. I am so very proud of my daughter and her many accomplishments. Allie has blossomed at Wheelock due to the positive and encouraging environment throughout the Colleges of the Fenway. She is a rare gem that will shine her light in many more directions in the future !