This Wheelock Communications Major Wants to Give Youth a Voice


Christelle Pierre-Louis came to Wheelock College as an undergraduate interested in the field of Juvenile Justice & Youth Advocacy. As a first-year student, she discovered Wheelock’s Communications major and found her calling. As a student, she coordinated a public awareness program at an organization for girls. After graduation, she wants to work for a social service agency or advertising firm doing work that helps young people find their voice.

This program doesn’t focus on graphic design or marketing, but on harnessing the power of media to make the world a better place. Students in the Communications major learn how to share and create media for children, families, community organizers, and others who want to engage with the media to empower themselves and the people they serve. No matter what field you plan to enter, you need to learn to be a great communicator and courses in Wheelock’s Communications major can help you gain this invaluable skill.

Through this major, you will learn about the power of media, become media literate, and learn how to create compelling communications to educate, inform, motivate, and mobilize people to promote positive change for children, families, and society. In addition to this Communications major, you can also choose to complete a professional major.

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