Conversation with Sara Hosmer, ’94 BSW: “I Came for the Mission”


Wheelock grad Sara Hosmer, 94BSW, came to Wheelock because of its mission to improve the lives of children and families. “I came here really interested in community development,” she says. She says the close-knit campus allowed her to really get to know and become friendly with other students in her major and in the social work profession generally. She says the focus on field work – getting students out to work on sites in their freshman year – helped prepare her for her profession. She says she has found that Wheelock’s dedication to families has created a real trust factor out in the community.

Your degree may take you in 100 different directions, but there’s always that core commitment. I loved my Wheelock experience — you’ll make lifelong friends and have professors who care about you. You’ll come into your own and figure out who you are and you’ll work with kids and families to make things better. It’s a great place to be.