Conversation: Wheelock College Men’s Basketball Rookie vs. Vet


Wheelock College Men’s Basketball Rookie Dejuan Rodriguez and veteran player Joe Reedy have very different approaches to the game, but they both agree that to be successful the team must function as a family. “You’ve got to be able to take criticism,” says Reedy. “Making the team more of a family makes it easier for everyone to challenge one another.”

“We Are A Family”

Rodriguez says that as a newcomer, his focus has been on showing his older Wildcat teammates that he’s ready to play, but that doesn’t mean showboating. “I see myself becoming a dominant player, working really hard,” he says. “But we are a family, so you can’t have that one person on the court thinking it’s all about them.”

This season, Senior forward Joe Reedy was named to the All-Sportsmanship team. Dejuan Rodriguez earned NECC Rookie of the Week this season, among other accolades.

Film produced and edited by student-athlete Matt Woolverton ’19. Subscribe to Wheelock Wildcats YouTube Channel for more videos like this.