Crowdsourcing the Most Effective Education Technology with Teachers


This is a guest post from Mike Lee, cofounder of

Looking for good educational software for your classroom? There are countless sites, blogs, magazines, and conferences you can turn to for suggestions. Or you can turn to other teachers like yourself.

Such as Katrina Keene. She’s been in the education technology field researching and integrating new technologies into classrooms for the last thirteen years. Katrina is currently the Director of Innovation at a college preparatory school, where she works with teachers and administrators to educate the entire student and prepare them for a technologically advanced world.

Katrina has a wealth of great suggestions, such as this list for second graders:

That’s what premise behind edshelf, a teacher-curated directory of websites, mobile apps, desktop programs, and electronic products for teaching and learning. Teachers like Katrina can create and share collections of their favorite resources with colleagues, students, and parents. Some even put together collections for professional development seminars, online webinars, and conference presentations.

By giving passionate educators a platform on which they can curate the best tools, edshelf can harness the power of the crowd to determine the most effective educational technologies on the market. Much has been written about crowdsourcing. It can aid in innovation, classroom funding, and answering questions. Putting teachers first is how edshelf differentiates itself from similar services out there.

Last month, edshelf announced it was shutting down. Then something amazing happened. Educators rose up and started a #saveedshelf campaign on Twitter. It’s the first time in history that teachers have done this, and the amazing outpouring of support inspired edshelf’s Kickstarter campaign.

If you also believe that teachers can provide great education technology suggestions to other teachers, please support edshelf so it can continue to serve the education community and help prepare students for the future.