Wheelock Helped Deborah Barton Become an Effective Child Advocate


“My Wheelock education gave me the idea that the answers were there somewhere and the confidence to find the people who had the answers,” says Deborah Barton ’70. Her son was born blind in 1974, the year the Education for Children with Disabilities Act was passed.  As he went through the school system, she says his education served as a kind of experiment. “Blindness in children is such a rare event, there’s not a lot of research out there,” she says. “You just have to keep trying.”

She says her Wheelock education gave her the confidence to question people in power and to continuously advocate for her son’s education and needs. “Every cent my father spent on this [Wheelock] education, I have redeemed… If I had followed my original idea to become a biology major, I would not have had this kind of personal, family success,” she says.

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