Caelin shares her thoughts about finals at Wheelock. There are resources on campus that can help you be successful as a college student here, such as our free subject tutoring program and the Writing Center.

It is December which means two things here at Wheelock: the holidays, and FINALS!  Many classes here at Wheelock don’t have actual sit down finals, but rather papers and presentations. During this stressful time your professors will be extremely supportive and make sure you have the resources you need to finish the semester strong. I know I have 3 papers and a final presentation and feel totally prepared to get everything done to the best of my ability! The library is open later, and I know I will be spending some time there along with the Writing Center. The Writing Center is a great free resource for students. I can bring my papers there and have them proofread and even help get organized, especially if it is a bigger paper. Wheelock is really great at going that extra step to help students get through this busy time. Not only am I making lists of gifts for the holidays, but I am also making many to do lists. It is important to stay organized as to not overwhelm yourself. So just remember, you can do it. Then, after all of my work has been completed I know that I have until next month to unwind and get ready to tackle another semester!