Diversity & Inclusion E-News: Events – Week of 2.6.17


Colleges of the Fenway


 February 8th at 5:30PM COF
Central Office, 375 Longwood Ave, 5th Floor.

Join COF faculty and staff colleagues to view a portion of “White Like Me” by Tim Wise and engage in a discussion following the film.


Hidden Figures 

Hidden Figures

Wednesday, February 8th

Approx. 3:30/4:00pm (actual show time TBA) at Regal Fenway Theatres

Questions: Contact Debra Borkovitz at dborkovitz@wheelock.edu or Ellen Faszewski at efaszewski@wheelock.edu

Feb. 27, 4PM.- 6 PM.  

CCSR  Wolf Room

Hidden Figures Discussion  (Film currently in movie theatres)     

Participants in this event should have seen the movie in one of the theatres. We will use our time to discuss responses to this film.

Communities of Faith

Interfaith Flyer

Saturday, February 11th

10:30am-4:00pm, MassArt Kennedy Building, Room K280

Communities of Faith invites all COF students, faculty and staff to join them in coming together to find ways to learn about and support each other, particularly those belonging to religious communities most affected by hate and intolerance. Share stories, share a meal, participate in bystander intervention training, and make a call to action. For more information and to register visit:



Calendar  of  Events  | Sponsored  by  The  Office  of  Multicultural  Affairs  &  BSU

Mon.  2/6,  10  pm:  Birth  of  a  Movement  screening  & discussion
Multicultural  Center
Sponsored  by  Multicultural  Student  Affairs
“Birth  of  a  Movement, based  on  Dick  Lehr’s  book  The
Birth  of  a  Movement:  How  Birth  of  a  Nation  Ignited  the
Battle  for  Civil  Rights, captures  the  backdrop  to  this  prescient
clash  between  human  rights,  freedom  of  speech,  and  a
changing  media  landscape.”

Tues.  2/7,  Thu.  2/9,  Fri.  2/10:  Black  Market  Events
CCSR  Hall  &  Multicultural  Center
Sponsored  by  BSU

Thurs.  2/9,  6  – 8  pm:  Beyond  Binaries:  Identity  &  Sexuality  by  Robyn  Ochs
Brookline  Campus,  Hawes  201
Sponsored  by  Multicultural  Student  Affairs,  Wheelock  course  “Creating  Welcoming  Environments  for  LGBTQ+
Families  in  Education  and  Human  Services”
This  fun  and  interactive  program  explores  the  landscape  of  sexuality  and  how  we  “map”
sexual  orientation.  No  two  people  are  alike.  Given  that,  how  do  we  assign  labels  to  our
complicated  and  unique  experiences?  In  this  interactive  workshop  we  will  conduct  an
anonymous  survey  of  those  present  and  look  together  at  the  data.  Where  do  we  fall  on
the  sexuality  continuum?  How  do  we  label?  How  old  were  we  when  we  came  to  our
identities  and  to  our  sexualities?  We  explore  different  experiences  of  identity;  the
interplay  between  gender  and  sexuality;  the  complexities  of  attraction,  and  more.

Mon.  2/13,  6  pm:  Hidden  Figures  discussion
Multicultural  Center
Sponsored  by  Multicultural  Student  Affairs
The  incredible  untold  story  of  Katherine  G.  Johnson,  Dorothy  Vaughan  and  Mary
Jackson  -­ brilliant  African-­American  women  working  at  NASA,  who  served  as  the  brains
behind  one  of  the  greatest  operations  in  history:  the  launch  of  astronaut  John  Glenn  into
orbit,  a  stunning  achievement  that  restored  the  nation’s  confidence,  turned  around  the
Space  Race,  and  galvanized  the  world.  The  visionary  trio  crossed  all  gender  and  race
lines  to  inspire  generations  to  dream  big.”

Thu.  2/16,  6  – 9  pm:  Discussion:  Sexuality  in  the  Black  Community,
featuring  Fenway  Health
Sponsored  by  BSU

Weds.  2/22,  5:30  pm:  Maintaining  Your  Resilience  in  the  Academy
Brookline  Campus,  Hawes  201
Sponsored  by  the  Office  of  Multicultural  Student  Affairs  &  African  American  Women  in  Higher  Education

Weds.  2/22,  7  pm:  The  Preacher  and  the  Rabbi:  A  Special  Friendship  – Celebrating
the  Legacy  of  Black  &  Jewish  Friendship,  Lecture  &  multimedia  presentation
Multicultural  Center
Sponsored  by  National  Center  of  Race  Amity  and  Multicultural  Student  Affairs

Mon.  2/27,  5  -­ 7  pm:  Black  Faculty  and  Staff  Appreciation  Dinner
Wolf  Room
Sponsored  by  BSU  and  Multicultural  Student  Affairs


SWAPping Cultures

Hello everyone, its SWAP (Step Team)!  We are having an event called SWAPping cultures, which is a multicultural event that will allow any and every one to show their passion for their culture. We would love for anyone with a passion to take part in our SWAPping cultures event!

SWAP’s mission “is to create a diverse unified sound by allowing different ethnicities and cultures to be represented in step by creating our own unique sound”. With that being said, we look forward to hearing from you all. Please let us know by Tuesday February 7th if you would like to participate in SWAPping cultures!

Time/date of event: February 17th, 2017 5pm-7pm

Location: Wheelock College Campus Center – Wolf Room

Please let us know if you have any questions and we look forward to hearing from you!


President Sadida Harris
Vice President Shania Wilson
Secretary Carina Lawrence
Treasurer Nicole Shearer
Public Relations Amani George-Luis


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