VIDEO: Linda Banks-Santilli Fell in Love with Learning at Wheelock


Linda Banks-Santilli, associate professor of education in the elementary department, says Wheelock College is the place where she fell in love with learning. As an undergraduate, she was guided by engaging faculty who helped her grow and develop. Now part of the Wheelock faculty herself as an Associate Professor of Education, Banks-Santilli says that teaching is one of the most difficult jobs there is. “There are lots of skills and quite a large knowledge base needed to be a teacher,” she says. Wheelock introduces seven teaching standards to its undergraduate education students throughout their courses, assignments, readings, and work in the field. At the end of their program, students are able to write essays to defend their knowledge and practice, create lesson plans, evaluate elementary student work, and understand how to relate to parents. “It mirrors a master’s thesis or doctoral exam because faculty ask them questions. Students leave feeling quite satisfied and proud of themselves,” she says.

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Elementary Education (1-6) at Wheelock College

Teaching is one of the most in-demand and rewarding professions. As an elementary school teacher, you’ll help shape society by educating the next generation of leaders and innovators. Wheelock has a long tradition of preparing skilled and creative teachers who are passionate about making achievement possible for all children.

The program combines educational content and theory with hands-on experience in real classrooms in public schools near Wheelock. You’ll explore the social history of teaching in America and how it has influenced education today. You will learn curriculum and child development, as well as how racial, cultural, ethnic, linguistic, and class differences affect children’s behavior and advancement. You’ll learn math and science in an accessible and engaging way.

In addition to a professional major in Elementary Education, you’ll choose one of our innovative Arts and Sciences majors. This dual-major structure provides the strong knowledge and skills you’ll need to teach literacy, math, science, social studies, technology, and the arts to elementary school students.

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