Embodied Pedagogy: Sharpening Your Mind by Moving Your Body

Wheelock Assistant Professor Joeritta De Almeida Teaches Body Awareness

Moving the body affects the mind in ways that just thinking doesn’t. Making yourself aware of your body through moving and breathing helps not only to revitalize your body, but it helps to relax you – raising your consciousness and making you more present.

Over the past 36 years, I have developed and conducted workshops that encompass many components of self-development work of the Open River System/Rio Abierto System from Buenos Aires Argentina. This approach is designed to give experience and exposure to body techniques that enhance awareness of the body in its multi-dimensions. Through movement and music, you can change who and how you are.

I conducted movement workshops over the summer of 2012, first in Arembepe, Bahia in northern Brazil, and then in Miguel Pereira of Rio de Janeiro and finally in Buenos Aires, Argentina. All the workshops were well attended for each location and the work was stimulating and well received.

Using the Open River System/Rio Abierto System from Buenos Aires, Argentina In my workshops, the movements progress from resting by leaning on other students’ backs to lying down to doing yoga poses that stretch the spine. The workshops also include various body techniques using expressive movement, massage, voice liberation, and discussion of the principles of the work as well as meditation with massage and a break with a special Argentinian tea.

I will be offering an introduction to this Embodied Pedagogy approach with a FREE dance/yoga class at Wheelock College this fall. Classes will be every Tuesday and Thursday from 5-6 PM, beginning Oct. 2 and ending Dec. 20. They will be held in Wheelock’s Pilgrim Student Center at 37 Pilgrim Rd., Boston. Classes are free and open to everyone—no experience is necessary. Wear casual clothes. No need to pre-register—just show up and reap the benefits!

For more information about my approach, please check-out my website .


Thank you Joeritta!!I celebrate the picture you chose for your excellent article. It shows the relevance TRUSTING ON ONE ANOTHER has for you, and for many of us. Look at those happy faces! Essential for building in togetherness the world we need to live in!!!!!! (excuse my english)Love, Gaby

Posted @ Thursday, October 18, 2012 8:25 AM by Gabriela Horischnik

I agree, the body should also be active to keep up with the mind and stress. And also, it helps a lot in the learning process.

Posted @ Monday, October 22, 2012 4:18 AM by gw2 gold