Joè DeRiso Has Made Connections that Will Last a Lifetime


Joè DeRiso, Class of 2019, outside Wheelock's Riverway House residence hall
Joè DeRiso, Class of 2019, outside Wheelock’s Riverway House residence hall

Wheelock College was a place that I automatically felt at home. I never really felt as if I had a great connection with the people around me when I went to tour other colleges. As soon as I walked onto Wheelock’s campus, I knew that I was surrounded by people that I could make connections with and that I could have those connections for the rest of my life.

Not only was everyone so friendly and kind, they all had the similar future goals for their professions. This makes our bonds ever stronger. I chose Wheelock because I was able to be surrounded by a community that has the same passion, drive, and determination that I have.

During my first semester of English, I had a professor that was very insightful and really pushed me to be the best student that I could be. Sometimes it was challenging and scary, but I was able to pull through and succeed in the course. He made me test my limits and made me think in a way that my other teachers never had me do. That really showed my full potential and confirmed that Wheelock was the right school for me.

My favorite aspect of the Wheelock community is that I am able to be part of such a diverse group of people that have so many different and creative ideas. I haven’t really gotten to experience that before since I am from such a small town in Rhode Island. I have been able to open my eyes and learn a lot about people and have gotten new insight on ideas that I never really thought about before I came to Wheelock.

This school was a dream for me and after several visits, I knew that I was in the right place. I knew I would be able to thrive here.

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