Julie Cusano Stepped Outside Her Comfort Zone at Wheelock


Julie Cusano, Class of 2018, atop the Wheelock College sign
Julie Cusano, Class of 2018, atop the Wheelock College sign

I chose Wheelock for many reasons. Arguably, one of the biggest reasons was because of the education program. I want to be the best educator possible—this college has provided me with the opportunities to be able to do that.

Wheelock showed me that no matter where you’re from, it is possible to make a difference. I really was and still am inspired by our mission to improve the lives of children and families. I hope I can do just that in my work.

Another reason I came to Wheelock was because I needed a significant change from where I had grown up. I went from a small town in New Hampshire to a bustling city. I came here for opportunities, connections, and ultimately freedom to be whoever I wanted. I was given a fresh start at Wheelock because I did not know anyone. I always find myself telling my friends and family back home that the best thing I ever did was pack up, leave my small town, and move on. Personally, that has been the most difficult but most beautiful thing about attending Wheelock.

The best career move and lifestyle change was to come to Wheelock College.  I began my journey by joining Jumpstart—and surrounding myself with like-minded individuals. I was coined “Julie Jumpstart” by children and peers. I served for two years and made what I consider to be lifelong friends. This year, I’m now a Resident Assistant on campus and have taken on a new persona if you will. I have shed “Julie Jumpstart” and my first years have coined me as “Jules” or “Mom.” I couldn’t be happier here.

For all of you future Wildcats out there, don’t worry about what everybody else is doing! Coming to college as a first year student is hard enough—so don’t go comparing yourself to others. You are going to find your place here; I promise. Take advantage of every opportunity you can. Step outside your comfort zone, and remember why you came here to Wheelock.

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