Maya Emerson Always Wanted to Be a Teacher


Maya Emerson, Class of 2020, in the Wheelock Office of Undergraduate Admissions
Maya Emerson, Class of 2020, in the Wheelock Office of Undergraduate Admissions

I’m a first-year at Wheelock and definitely still developing my story and identity. With that being said, I always knew I wanted to be a teacher. I was that little kid who would make all her friends play school every single day.

I think a huge reason for this is my mom. She is an alum of the Wheelock class of ’93 and she absolutely loved her time here. In fact, she’s still in contact with her old roommates and seems to always find a way to tie Wheelock into every conversation. She is an incredible special education teacher and truly gives her students everything she can. I admire her for that and credit her hard work to experiences she had at Wheelock.

In addition to my mother’s influence on my decision to be a special education teacher, I have to credit a lot of my success to my second grade teacher Mrs. Mary Verre. Throughout all of elementary school, I was teased and ridiculed for the way I looked and my religious beliefs. Mrs. Verre was always a constant source of positivity and tranquility in my life. I’m so lucky to have had her. When I was very young, I decided I wanted to be someone’s Mrs. Verre.

I decided that even if I have an effect on one child, that will be enough for me because maybe they will do the same for another child and things with spiral from there. I’m a huge believer in understanding that everyone has a story and I’m definitely still learning the stories of those around me and my own. Through various after school activities at Wheelock, such as The Grace Notes (Wheelock’s new a capella group that I helped form) and Hillel (the Jewish student group), I’ve had the opportunity to grow as a leader, friend, and future educator.

I’m so excited to see how the rest of my story unfolds here at Wheelock!

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