Mohamed Mohamed Draws Strength from His Experiences as a Refugee


Mohamed Mohamed, Class of 2018, outside Wheelock's Athletic Training Office
Mohamed Mohamed, Class of 2018, outside Wheelock’s Athletic Training Office

I get my motivation from the time I lived in a refugee camp in Kenya with my family during the first seven years of my life. What I’ve heard from my lovely mother was that we had been chased out of Somalia by an extremist group that were willing to do anything to get what they wanted. They followed and attacked us. I remember those days when the hot Kenyan sun was trying to burn me. I remember those days when I didn’t know if I was going to find food. I remember those days when I didn’t have the proper education or know English. Well, those days are over now.

Luckily in 2006, my family had the opportunity to move to the United States. My life in the refugee camp is what makes me unique. The floods, the violence, and the malaria all inspire me to try harder in my present and future. My experience has taught me to keep pushing forward and working hard, no matter how difficult life gets. I am extremely motivated and look forward to succeeding in college.

One particular experience that has significantly helped my success in college is the Bridge Program. I was fortunate enough to be a part of this wonderful program that prepares students for college. I was very nervous coming to college, but the Bridge Program helped ease that anxiety. Through the Bridge Program, students move onto campus a few weeks earlier than everyone else and experience several classes to better prepare them for their college experience here at Wheelock.

My main goal now is to achieve my dream of becoming a Social Worker. I went from being a kid who had a dream to actually experiencing that dream. With the right education I will achieve my dream professionally. I know it is going to be tough becoming a Social Worker, but I am ready for it.

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