Rachel Otfinoski Gained a New Outlook in Quantitative Reasoning Class


Rachel Otfinoski, Class of 2019, in Wheelock's Earl Center for Learning and Innovation
Rachel Otfinoski, Class of 2019, in Wheelock’s Earl Center for Learning and Innovation

My personal favorite aspect of Wheelock is the teaching style that many professors uphold. Wheelock is a very discussion-based college and the professors strive to encourage learning and engagement in their respective courses. I think professors genuinely care for each and every one of their students. They want to see us succeed and are willing to help us in any way necessary to achieve our goals.

A class that has really stuck with me was Math 120: Quantitative Reasoning because it has been extremely applicable. Even though it is a math class, the style and content has been extremely relevant and applicable to my financial and college life overall. Not only was the class very informative, but the instructor specifically made sure that everything being taught was something that we could use later on in life. We weren’t just being asked to memorize a formula or definitions of terms. We were learning and talking about real-life hurdles and challenges that people face. Not only was this helpful at the current moment, but it was informative as to how someone can overcome and move past a difficult struggle. The class and professor changed the way I viewed mathematics, college, and the financial world all together.

The genuine care for students success is something special to the Wheelock community. In addition to caring professors, Wheelock has a host of different offices dedicated to student success and achievement. Every faculty and staff member wants Wheelock students to do well. These resources are what make the Wheelock community stand out.

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