Sierra White Plans to Use The Arts to Help Children and Families


Sierra White, Class of 2020, in front of Wheelock Family Theatre
Sierra White, Class of 2020, in front of Wheelock Family Theatre

In high school, I thought I wanted to become a Child Life specialist. That program was originally how I discovered Wheelock.

But after some self discovery, I decided to go down a different path. I had always loved performing and media throughout my life as well. I didn’t want to get into the show business world, but I knew being a part of a creative setting was something I needed in my life. This was when I found Wheelock’s Communications and Media Literacy major—the description fulfilled everything I knew I wanted. This program combines my love for media and social networking with my drive to help children and families.

Now I have the ability to work for children and families rather than work directly with them. After obtaining degrees in Communications and Performing Arts, my goal is to join a nonprofit organization in order to fundraise money to give back to Child Life programs. I would also like to bring the arts to children and other patients in hospitals.

I truly believe that Wheelock’s supportive community will give me a leg up to achieve my goals.

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