My First Month at Wheelock


Meilin Chong is a first year student majoring in Early Childhood Education and Psychology. In this post, she reflects on her first month at Wheelock College.

I have been at Wheelock College for about two months now and I have had nothing but great experiences. There has been a lot to see and do at Wheelock and in Boston. I have met so many new people.Meilin - pic 3

My first day at Wheelock was August 18, 2013, which was the start of the Bridge Program. The Bridge Program gives students a foundation for college success here at Wheelock. The program is an intensive two-week summer session with academic success courses and meetings during the fall semester. The program also helps first-year students adjust to college before school officially begins.

Bridge helped me grow as a person and a student. I learned about time management, the campus, and gained critical reading and grammar skills. I made many new friends and connected with some of the professors.

The meals have been delicious. There have been times where I would go back to various stations in the dining hall to get more food. I have to say that my favorite meal is chicken with mashed squash, corn, french fries, along with a mini side of salad.Meilin - pic 2

A day after Bridge ended, orientation began. Another good thing about coming two weeks earlier was that I  already moved into my room for the whole year. The three-day orientation was filled with so many fun and educational activities. There was a hypnotist who came and performed a show. We also had a mini carnival event on the campus green and the class of 2017 played The Price is Right. Many students received a lot of goodies. We also watched a movie and had a scavenger hunt around Boston. Another very exciting event was that our class went on a cruise, in which we ate delicious food and danced all night. Some educational activities we participated in included learning about plagiarism and how to live a peaceful life with our roommates. We also discussed our summer reading book, When the Emperor was Divine by Julie Otsuka in small groups with professors.

When college officially began, I felt confident about where I was going on campus and I was not as nervous to attend my classes. I felt ready. I am enjoying my time here. I have even gotten really involved in activities around the campus. I am a member of two clubs, La Herencia Latina and the Asian American Cultural Association. In addition, I am a corps member for the AmeriCorps’ Jumpstart program and an Admissions Ambassador.

I love Wheelock even more because it is an inclusive community and there are many places on campus where I can relax or do homework, especially out on the campus green. I cannot wait for more opportunities and experiences to come!      ~Meilin

Meilin pic 1