Freak Weekend


Recently, Wheelock’s Campus Activities Board (CAB) prepared a weekend of fun for our students called Freak Weekend to celebrate Halloween. Alexis Seder, a third year student who is part of CAB’s planning committee, discusses the fun activities the students participated in the weekend before Halloween. 

IMG_3222CAB organized the second annual Freak Weekend, which took place October 25 – 27. We kicked it off with a night at Canobie Lake’s Scream Fest in Salem, New Hampshire. The haunted houses were especially scary!

IMG_3218The following evening, we had our traditional Costume Karaoke! Everyone had a great time singing our favorite songs. Two of our committee members got up to sing a wonderful rendition of “I Feel Like a Woman.” IMG_3223

Rosie the Riveter was one of the more popular costumes this year. We ended Freak Weekend on Sunday with Freak Fest! The most popular part of Freak Fest was the palm reader, Alicia. She was excellent and predicted stress levels, relationships, and career paths. We also had a candy bar, antique photos, pumpkin carving, donut on a string eating competitions, and a bobbing for apples station.