Heeding the Call to Service and Higher Education


Eric Clark ‘17 is not a traditional undergrad. He decided to return to college as an adult after being inspired by President Obama’s call to action that we all have to do more. Eric chose to major in social work, saying a BSW (Bachelor’s in Social Work) will help him become a more effective advocate for people who need help. “[The President] was saying the best way to lead is by example,” Eric says. “One of the best ways of getting out of the stigma of being an African American male is education. And the best way I can be a positive influence on anyone is to do the work myself, rather than just preaching.”

Transferring from Community College

A transfer from Bunker Hill Community College, Eric says he is energized by the bright, dedicated students in his undergraduate classes. He says going back to college as an adult has been rewarding, challenging, anxiety-producing, and fun—all at the same time. His advice to other adults thinking about returning to college is to just do it. “Don’t make excuses, don’t let barriers stop you,” he says. “Education is not a race, it’s a journey.”

“Education is not a race, it’s a journey.”

Social Work at Wheelock College

Social workers are committed to the alleviation of poverty and oppression, the promotion of human rights and social justice, and the development of individuals, families, groups, and communities.  At Wheelock, you will study theories and methods of the social work profession and learn how to apply this knowledge through hands-on experience. Our program incorporates many different subject areas, including psychology, sociology, and human development.

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