How a Service-Learning Trip Can Change a Life


My name is Ashley MacDougal and I am currently a graduate student at Wheelock College in Boston, MA. I first started at Wheelock studying elementary education at the undergraduate level four years ago, and I am now advancing my license to include certification in special education as well. I am 22 years old and have been living in Massachusetts all my life, and I especially enjoy living in the wonderful city of Boston.Ashley MacDougal

When I first heard about the international conference, I was interested in participating as I had just returned from a service-learning trip in Barbados, which I attended thanks to the opportunities provided by Wheelock College. Although I have always had an interest in world issues, this trip really opened my eyes to what life is like in other countries and to the problems that are still so pervasive around the world. I am especially passionate about the two focus topics of human rights and education, especially given my chosen career path of working towards being a teacher in the future. It is unfortunate that there are so many places still around the world where basic human rights are not guaranteed. I wholeheartedly believe that education for all should be a basic human right, and this is too often denied to too many children.

The conference topics also especially tie in with Wheelock’s famous mission statement of helping children and families, which is something I have always wanted to do and a huge reason why I have attended Wheelock College for both my undergraduate and graduate studies. The third topic that the conference is focusing on is health, which is also crucially important in helping both children and families succeed. Health is again something that should be considered a basic human right, but too often is ignored.

Although I am not able to be at the conference in person, I am looking forward to the opportunity of participating and communicating via social media, such as blog posts like these. The conference will be streamed online, and updates will be provided through networks like Facebook and Twitter for me to follow. I am hoping to connect with many other participants and learn more about the importance of human rights, health, and education. I am proud of Wheelock for taking the initiative of creating an event like this, and there couldn’t be a better way to celebrate the institution’s 125th anniversary.

About the Author: My name is Ashley and I am currently a graduate student at Wheelock College. I am certified in elementary education and am currently advancing my license to be certified in special education as well. In accordance with Wheelock’s mission statement, I am interested in anything that is important in improving in the lives of children and families, especially when it comes to education and human rights. I am looking forward to participating in the conference via social media and I hope to interact with you at the conference itself if possible!