In My Own Words: Why I Give to Wheelock


Over the past few weeks you’ve seen a lot of posts about Giving Day and the importance of giving back to Wheelock. Believe me, it’s important, but facts and figures aren’t stories. They explain technically and financially why you should give back, but they don’t explain the Wheelock experience that only an alumna/us could have and why we should all be gearing up to give back on Giving Day.

Wheelock is at a critical point in its history.

Over the past year, Wheelock has successfully faced many hurdles in continuing its mission of improving the lives of children and families, and it is up to us, its graduates, to make sure it has the ability to continue to do so for the next 100 years.

Wheelock’s mission is as relevant today as it was more than 125 years ago. Through my job, as I visit the schools I work with, I run into fellow Wheelock alumni on a day-to-day basis. We are part of a larger Wheelock Community that continues to build and maintain inclusive communities around the world. Wheelock alumni provide vital community services and community building in fields as diverse as childhood education, advocacy, health care, and business, to name a few.

Only we can make sure that Wheelock thrives as an institution, and showing our support with a philanthropic gift to the College means more than words. When my daughter begins looking at colleges in the future, I want her to look at Wheelock. In order for that to happen, Wheelock has to be here. Wheelock has to continue providing the valuable education we all received. And it needs our support to do that.

Join me and other members of the Wheelock Community from around the world and cast YOUR vote of confidence for Wheelock by making a gift on March 30 as part of Wheelock’s first annual Giving Day.

Phanenca Babio-James ’03MS
Alumni Association Board

If you are interested in becoming an online or on-campus ambassador for the first Wheelock Giving Day, email Geoff in the Development and Alumni Relations Office at