At Intensive Family Preservation, Schumacher’s Experience Keeps Families Together


“My education at Wheelock prepared me for any job in a field like this.”

Rachel Schumacher ’11 originally majored in Child Life. She anticipated finding a role after college that fulfilled that expectation. But as a community worker for Connecticut-based Intensive Family Preservation, her career has taken a turn toward social work. Student organization and leadership experiences she participated in on campus, as well as a service learning trip to New Orleans, gave her the versatility and confidence to take her learning in a new direction.

With Intensive Family Preservation, she helps enrolled members set and fulfill goals to keep children with their families. The twelve-week program lets her get to know these families and keep them on track to get things done. Rachel believes her involvement experiences on campus helped her develop these skills for herself. She says, “it definitely gave me a better sense of self and a better sense of what I was able to accomplish.” Although she enjoys her work with Intensive Family Prevention, it may be but one stop on her career path. “I don’t know exactly what I’m going to end up doing for ‘the rest of my life,’ but I think definitely something that involves helping people see their potential.”