Keshia Ward ’16 on the Care and Education Master’s Degree Program

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Keisha Ward, a 2016 alum of Wheelock College’s Care and Education in Early Childhood Settings Master Degree Program, says she chose Wheelock for her Master’s degree because she was “looking for a program that geared toward working with younger children… and not in a public school system.” She says the decision came down to Wheelock and one other school, but ultimately it was the alignment of Lucy Wheelock’s teaching philosophies with her own that won her over.

For those considering the Care and Education program, Ward says the main elements to consider are the friendly peers and the committed faculty. “You’ll find a close-knit family that you’ll be traveling with every year, in every class, at every stage, and you get to build those bonds,” she says. These bonds you form, she explains, allow you to feed off your peers’ knowledge and gain insights based on what did or didn’t work for them in the past. As for the faculty, Ward says “they do want you to succeed, because [you] really are the future for these kids.”

“Working with children is something new every day,” Ward explains. She is cross-certified, meaning she is qualified to work with infants, toddlers, and preschoolers. She says the most rewarding thing about her job is seeing children in all of these age groups conquer obstacles at each different stage of life. “[It] puts in stone that I’m supposed to do what I’m doing right now,” she says.

Learn more about Keisha in the video below. For more on Wheelock’s graduate Early Childhood Programs, click here.

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  1. Nice post Keisha. It’s great you choose children care and education program for your Master’s degree. It’s always nice to hear people still look forward to child welfare programs.

    Good luck for your future.