Kevin Kareckas ’12 Says Wheelock’s Borders Extend Beyond Boston


Wheelock Alum Kevin Kareckas ’12 says Wheelock is a quirky, special place whose borders extend far beyond its compact campus in Boston’s Fenway neighborhood. Kareckas, whose degree is in Elementary Education and Science, just received a Fulbright grant to teach English in Poland, where he’ll also work with youth language clubs and sports teams. “I want to take a look into myself to see how I interact with my own teaching style,” he says.

“I want to look at what I’m doing right and what they’re doing right and find connections in between and ultimately, enhance global learning,”

He says Wheelock gives students opportunities they can’t find at other schools and allows every student to leave their own unique footprint on the campus. “You cannot come here and expect to be a number,” he says. “People are going to know your name…even faculty members who aren’t in the department where you’re studying.”

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