Lisanna Paulino Came to Wheelock for Child Life and Found Much More


Lisanna Paulino ’15 says she came to Wheelock for its acclaimed Child Life dual degree program, which allows you to complete both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in Child Life in just five years.

“I wanted to push myself and learn more about myself as an  individual and I know Wheelock can help me do that.”

Lisanna’s undergraduate focus was Child Life and Counseling Psychology. She volunteered at Boston Children’s Hospital, gaining experience by working closely with the hospital’s child life specialists and preparing for her graduate studies. Since her first year, Lisanna has been active in La Herencia Latina — an on-campus club that embraces Latino heritage and history –and she served as the organization’s president during her senior year. The club sponsors a mix of fun events and educational programs and provides a forum for students to learn about diverse cultures. “We have to learn from each other…and having a safe place to learn about these experiences and to talk about it is really important to me and other Latino students, and even students who aren’t Latino,” she says. “We all learn from each other.”

Child Life and Family Studies Dual Degree Program

Children undergoing medical treatment have unique developmental, emotional, social, and educational needs, as do their families. Child life specialists are specially trained members of health care teams who focus on addressing these needs. They work in a variety of settings, such as pediatric inpatient and outpatient units, emergency rooms, and intensive care.

Through this program, you’ll develop expertise in helping children and families cope with acute and chronic illness, medical procedures, and grief and loss. You’ll learn how the use of play, emotional support, and teaching can help reduce the stress of hospitalization, illness, and health care procedures in your patients.

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