Listen In: Connecting teacher generations to fight attrition

We sat down with two EMC mentors, Thu-Hang Tran and Philip Manna, to discuss their experiences as educators and now as mentors in Aspire’s Educator Mentor Corps (EMC).

Thu-Hang taught kindergarten and first grade for 10 years in Boston Public Schools. In addition to mentoring, she teaches science in the Saturday Course program at Milton Academy, Vietnamese Language in Randolph and is a licensed youth soccer coach. Phil taught science to all grades K-8 in Boston Public Schools for 24 years, is a published author and curriculum writer and works for The Steppingstone Foundation’s College Success Academy.

How is teaching like running a marathon? What should new teachers be thinking about? How have changes in education and learning impacted teaching? Do “Aha!” moments exist for new teachers? Listen to the interview to find out.


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Educator Mentor Corps (EMC), a program of the Aspire Institute, mobilizes skilled, experienced educators to prepare, inspire, and retain the next generation of educators across Massachusetts. There are currently 40 mentors serving 60 mentees in 31 public and charter schools across the state. To get involved, email Karen Marshall at