Living with a Roommate


Eric Grant is a first year student and he shares his experience selecting and living with his roommate. We know that in many cases, moving to college is the first time students will share a room. The residence life staff does a great job of matching students to be roommates based on the information you include on the housing questionnaire. If you prefer, you can select your roommate.

Before attending college, I wondered if I would get along with my roommate. It was something I thought about long before I even received my acceptance letter. Luckily, Wheelock has an AMAZING residential life staff. After you submit your deposit to attend Wheelock, you will receive your housing forms in the mail. There is a questionnaire that asks which building you would like to live in and allows you to rank three buildings from your top choice to your second and third choice. It also asks questions about what time you go to bed, what kind music you listen to, if can you study with noise, etc. If you have an idea of who you would like to live with when you receive your form, you can write the name of your roommate on that questionnaire. Eric and Friends

My roommate and I selected each other. We met at an overnight event organized by the admissions office last March and had talked briefly there. In June, we attended First Year Introduction (FYI). This is a mandatory event for all first year students. During FYI, you take a writing placement exam, meet your classmates, and select your classes for the first semester. This is where I met my roommate David again. We had more conversations and got to know each other a little more. By the end of FYI, we decided we would like to live with each other. At FYI, you will receive another sheet that allows you to select who you want to live with. You fill this out and return it to your orientation leader. Selecting your roommate is not the only option you have. Many of my friends chose to be assigned a roommate by the residential life staff and they are extremely close friends now!

The next step in the housing process is receiving your housing assignment. This is very exciting because you get to find out who you are going to live with (if you did random roommate selection) and where you are going to live. David and I live in Riverway House, which you will see if you go on a tour at Wheelock. This was exciting for both of us because Riverway was our first choice. Your housing assignment will also include your roommate’s contact information. You should talk to them before move in. It’s nice to get to know them. It also gives you the chance to coordinate the items you will each bring to the residence hall.

When it’s time to move in, the orientation leaders will be there to help you get settled in and guide you to where you need to be. This is also exciting because this is when you get to meet your roommate for the first time. Spend your first night getting to know your roommate and your neighbors. A good place to do this is your common room or lounge.

Overall my roommate and I are good friends. We like to hang out with each other but are also able to spend time with our own friends. Sharing a room will be fine as long as you set basic ground rules with your roommate, who probably also wants to set those rules with you. Keep an open mind and try your best to get to know your roommate. I can proudly say my roommate, David, was my first friend at Wheelock.