A Master’s Program To Inspire Nonprofit Leaders


“There’s a lot of self-reflection and personal growth, which is all part of becoming a good leader.”

Many large, for-profit corporations offer professional development courses or training for employees to help them broaden their career skills and become qualified and effective leaders. Unfortunately, non-profits typically do not – rather, employees have to pursue their professional development on their own. “The value of nonprofits in society center around fulfilling needs that aren’t being met by the private sector or government,” explains Michele Gibbons-Carr, Instructor of Nonprofit Leadership and Policy.

For those nonprofit employees who aim to correct these omissions and broaden their professional knowledge, this is where the Nonprofit Leadership Master’s Degree comes into play. In this program, a broad call for proposals is issued to nonprofits throughout the Boston area, who then submit proposals for projects or issues they need assistance with. Students then choose who they’d like to work with and form teams that act as outside consultants for these nonprofits to help solve their problems.

Acting as consultants for these businesses pushes students to self-reflect and dive deeper into their understanding of their responsibilities and of themselves – the catalyst for becoming a stronger leader.

Learn more about the Nonprofit Leadership Master’s Degree program in the video below.