Master’s Programs in Education Steeped in Social Justice


“A quality education for all children is the socially just thing to do.”

Delivering a high quality education to a varied swath of students isn’t always easy. Working with these students and their families can present a number of challenges. But Wheelock professor and chair for the Elementary and Special Education program Dr. Eleonora Villegas-Reimers believes that Wheelock is training that caliber of educator. “It has to be somebody who says ‘I am committed to social justice, and I am committed to teaching in the most difficult of sites, with the students that need the most support.'” Associate professor Stephanie Cox-Suarez echoes this sentiment, pleased to report that Wheelock is “responding to the diversity of children in our public schools.”

However, it takes far more than just a personal determination to deliver that quality of education. It, of course, takes a strong educational foundation- one that instructor Karen Worth knows is available in the Master’s program. Grounded in how students develop, these programs are committed to educating teachers that can incorporate these developmental stages and theories into their instruction strategies. Further, according to Interim Dean of Graduate Programs Linda Banks-Santilli, Wheelock produces highly credentialed graduates. As an example, those graduating from the Integrated Elementary and Special Education program earn two licenses (Elementary 1-6 and Special Needs preK-8) in addition to their master’s degree.

But in addition to the quality of instruction and credentialing, Kesha Ward ’16 wants all to know that there’s a tremendous deal of quality in the relationships built in the program. Whether it’s the strength of a connection with a professor, or common bonds built with fellow students, she delighted in finding “a close-knit family” during her graduate studies. It is this feeling of personal connection, combined with a vocational dedication, that makes the Wheelock Master’s Programs in Education such a worthwhile pursuit.