The Media’s Influence in Political Science and Global Studies


Nicole LucianoProfessor Sandra McEvoy’s Gender and Politics Class (PSG 256) is my first time experiencing a Political Science and Global Studies Course at Wheelock. So far, this class has been different from all of the other courses. For example, this class is more based on the readings we are assigned and then discussing them as a class. For me, I have not always been the one to speak up in front of a classroom, and even though I do not as much in this course, I have still learned a lot just by listening to what my classmates have to say.

All of the readings that we have done so far have been very interesting and are topics that I either did not even know about or was not as educated as I thought I was. For example, in one class we talked about how the media, especially talk shows can play such a huge role when it comes time for elections. Of course, I, like most women I know, enjoy watching talk shows like Ellen and Oprah because they are entertaining to say the least. What I learned from class discussions and the articles that we were assigned is that their shows can play such a role in which our president may be. For example, if these talk show hosts invite political candidates onto their shows and the audience see’s that they are people just like us who have a family and travel, then it is more likely for them to vote for them.

After this topic, it made me question how much media does play a role in people’s lives and if I had not been introduced to this topic then I would have continued to never think about it.

Nicole Luciano is a Senior from North Andover, MA and is studying Counseling Psychology and Human Development with a minor in Early Childhood Education.


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