Meet the First Student Social Journalist Corps Members!


Just a few weeks ago, we began taking applications for our inaugural Social Journalist Corps. We believe in the power of social media and the importance of amplifying our students’ voices. This corps is a select group of students with the skills and equipment to share the student experience with the Wheelock community and the world at large. We’ll provide corps members with access to primary Wheelock College social media properties and with the tools and training to capture and report out the range of activities on and off campus.

We are proud to announce we’ve chosen our first five members from a great pool of applicants. We’ll let them introduce themselves to you.

Rachel Dunbar, ’16

Rachel DunbarHey Ya’ll! My name is Rachel Dunbar and I am in the class of 2016! I am double-majoring in Elementary Education and Communication! I am a proud Virginian and love spending time with my family and working as a camp counselor when I’m at home. After I graduated high school, I joined City Year in Manchester, New Hampshire where I worked in a fourth grade classroom and fell in love with teaching! Here on campus, I am the treasurer for both The Women of Wheelock (W.O.W) and The Fundamental Lyricists of Wheelock (F.L.O.W) where I also do stand-up comedy. I’m hoping to branch out to other venues in Boston this year! In my free time, I like to read, listen to music, sing, and play guitar. I’m also a bit of a movie enthusiast, which is why I became interested in video production. I look forward to sharpening my skills in social journalism and documenting events on campus!

Amy Gatlin, MSW

Amy GatlinHello. I am a graduate student in Social Work here at Wheelock in my second year of three. I just started my field placement this year at a middle school in Beverly, MA. In addition to working full time doing in home therapy, I try to continue to develop a healthy marriage, put some time into a social life, and attempt to keep a hobby or two. I’m a Minnesotan originally, and traveled to Boston to pursue my Masters Degree. It’s been an adventure, and I can’t wait to see where my passions direct me next, maybe even overseas. I’m passionate about social justice and racial equality issues specifically in the juvenile justice arena. I also love good food, good coffee and places that serve coffee, jazz, the North Shore (I currently commute to Wheelock from Beverly), trying new things, and reading…for fun. Oh, and my name is Amy Gatlin.​

Liam Kane-Lascano, ’18

Liam Kane-LascanoOriginally from San Francisco, I moved to the east coast in 2003 where I grew up in a privileged, predominantly white suburb, coated with top notch schools and endless resources for youth. It was my ten-year experience in that environment that inspired me to serve with the 2013-2014 City Year Boston corps after high school as a way of giving back to a system I took complete advantage of. Inspired by the stories of friends, family, and life experiences, filmmaking is my next step to not only challenging me artistically, but challenging the surroundings and world that I live in. To say that I’m honored to represent the first student Social Journalist Corps is under-exaggerated; nothing beats being a twenty year old, half Irish-half Filipino storyteller at Wheelock.

Pauline November, ’18

Pauline NovemberHi, my name is Pauline November and I’m a first year here at Wheelock. I’m from Katonah, NY, which is about an hour North of Manhattan. I’m very excited to be apart of the Student Social Journalist Corps and can’t wait to see what it entails. Some of my hobbies include, photography, travelling, and karate. I’m very interested in travel photography as it combines two of my passions into one. I also love to volunteer and have participated in many community service programs abroad. I have been to places such as Thailand, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and Belize and have also done a lot of travelling with my family to Africa, Amsterdam, and Mexico. I’m a black belt in karate and have been doing it for eight years now. I’m very excited to be at Wheelock and can’t wait to get involved on campus!

Jessica Semexant, ’15

Jessica SemexantMy name is Jessica Semexant and I am currently a senior here at Wheelock College double-majoring in Juvenile Justice and Counseling Psychology. I am honored to have been chosen as a member of Wheelock’s first Social Journalist Corps. Growing up I used writing as an outlet, whether it be a poem, reflection or a short story, it always gave me a sense of relief afterwards. It truly has become one of my favorite coping mechanisms to deal with life stressors. I believe that everyone has a story that needs to be heard. Just like one of my literary inspirations once said, “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you” (Maya Angelou). I can’t wait to share my stories with you and I hope everyone has a amazing year! :)