Music Classes at Wheelock


Erin Whooley, a senior student majoring in Developmental Psychology and Child Life, shares her thoughts about the music classes offered here. You are welcome to take music classes even if you are not majoring in Performing Arts.

Did you know that Wheelock offers a wide variety of music classes to students for credit? Students can choose from a plethora of music classes that are offered about a diverse range of musical subjects.

The most basic music class offered is Introduction to Music, an entry-level class where different genres, styles, melodies, and harmonies are explored. This class serves as a basis for the rest of the music classes offered, and really gives students the knowledge they need to continue their music education.

Wheelock  also offers American Popular Music, a class that explores the musical styles and artists from the 1850s to the 1990s. During the final project, students are able to explore one of their favorite musicians in relation to the class and share what they have learned.

Handbells is also very popular class, where students learn to read music and play percussion instruments and handbells. At the end of the semester, they often perform at Boston’s Children’s Hospital and at Wheelock’s Art Performance Day.

My favorite music class that I have taken during my time at Wheelock is the Music of The Beatles. During this class, we explored all aspects of The Beatles’ career, their musical influences, as well as what was going in the world during their time. Though many students were Beatles fans prior to taking the class, we all learned so many things about the group.

Some of the other classes offered also include Music for Children, World Music Traditions, African American Music, and a wide variety of independent studies for students interested in other music topics. Our students always rave about the music classes, and I highly recommend exploring them during your time here!