My Service Learning Trip to New Orleans


Amanda Belair, a senior, is back with a post about her participation in a service learning trip to New Orleans during her second year at Wheelock.

By the end of my freshman year, I decided that I wanted to go on the New Orleans service learning trip in the fall semester of my sophomore year. The New Orleans service learning trip included a class component where the class met every week and there was a weeklong trip to New Orleans, LA at the conclusion of the semester. During the class, I learned about the culture and city of New Orleans. The topics included, holidays, architecture, art, music, and Hurricane Katrina. The class also focused on building the group’s dynamic because in New Orleans we would work together in groups to rebuild homes that were destroyed by Hurricane Katrina.

New Orleans-Class pose

I really liked the class because I was able to learn about the city of New Orleans and understand some of their traditions. It was also neat to see the different traditions that are found in Boston and New Orleans.

My classmates and I were divided into groups to help rebuild the homes. Each group worked on their own home through the non-profit organization we worked with, the St. Bernard Project (SBP). Every day after building, we had interviews. During the class, we were broken up into study groups. Each study group had a focus topic. My group’s focus topic was education. We narrowed it down to resources that were available after Hurricane Katrina hit.

New Orleans-New Home Base sign

My first trip was such an amazing experience that I knew I wanted to go back. Since my first trip, I have gone back to New Orleans two more times to rebuild homes! I am now looking in to join AmeriCorps after graduation because of my trips to New Orleans. I love working on homes and participating in meaningful projects I know are going to directly impact a person’s life.

New Orleans-Sweater with paint