New Approach at the Documentation Studio


“Making childhood visible in the community helps keep us connected to the essence of what it means to be human.” 

~ Carlina Rinaldi, President, Reggio Children (November 2013)

This year in our Open Studios we are experimenting with ways to present documentation that will engage the community.

In December, teachers used the pecha kecha presentation style (Japanese for “chit chat”) that enlists 20 images at 40 seconds each for a total presentation of just over 6 minutes. The presenter is prepared with well-chosen images and words to relay a clear message. Teachers from the Peabody Terrace School in Cambridge, Katie Higgins-White and Seana Whittaker, used this style to describe a delightful project of children designing hockey outfits and their realization that — hockey is really about hugging. Melissa Tonachel (Boston Public Schools) and our Melissa Rivard presented their children and photography documentation and helped us consider the value of giving cameras to young children.

Educators share ideas at the Documentation Studio.

Educators share ideas at the Documentation Studio.

Stay tuned on the Doc Studio website as we will share these two pecha kecha presentations.

In February, teachers from the Pine Village School (Spanish immersion preschools) shared how they use a new app called Kaymbu to document and share learning among the children’s families. Jacie Feinberg (education director), Luis Rivera, Marissa Tinkham, and Isabel Ceron shared their perspectives on using an iPad to take photos, short video, write captions, and easily send messages to individual families or the whole class. The tool has allowed them to organize documentation to create daily emails, newsletters, documentation panels, and portfolios.  The creator of Kaymbu, Kin Lo, was present as he is interested in learning more about Reggio-inspired documentation and to consider what kinds of app features might enhance the documentation.

We have had an increase of educators attending the Doc Studio this year–which is exciting. Teachers are coming in groups for professional development and we’ve had recent visitors from New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, and Maryland.

What are ways you are using to engage your community in learning?  Share your thoughts, ask questions, make connections.  The next Open Studio is April 15.