New BostonSchoolsHub Website Links Families and Schools


Boston Schools Hub LogoBoston Compact leaders announced today the launch of, a website that will allow families to search all district, charter and Catholic schools in one place. Until now, families have had to navigate multiple systems simply to learn about their school options. BostonSchoolsHub provides a one-stop site for identifying school options by the grades they serve and neighborhoods in which they are located.

Wheelock College is the fiscal sponsor for the Boston Compact, and Aspire Institute staff worked closely with Compact members to design and launch the new website. The Compact formally links district, charter, and Catholic schools around common goals and shared visions. The shared goals are to provide equitable access to high-performing schools and ensure excellent instruction to all students.

Boston Compact - Singing
Students singing at a Boston School.

“We have expanded our own online tools to make it easier for families to find the right fit, and this is another way parents can more easily navigate all the great choices in Boston,” said John McDonough, BPS Interim Superintendent. “As families prepare to make those choices, we want them to be as well-informed as possible. It is our hope that they continue to visit our Discover BPS website and take advantage of the dozens of informational sessions and Showcase of Schools events that we will offer in coming weeks.”

“All Boston families deserve to have information on all of Boston’s schools,” said Will Austin, COO of Roxbury Prep Charter School and member of the Boston Alliance of Charter Schools. “The Boston Compact website will help them make informed decisions about their children’s education by providing important information about every charter public, district public and parochial school in the city.  The collaboration of the Boston Compact deeply impacts me both as practitioner and as a Boston parent.”

“BostonSchoolsHub will help parents navigate the portfolio of schools that exist in Boston.  Each school in the city – Catholic, Charter, and District – has unique characteristics that parents need to be made aware of in order to make the most informed decision for their child.  Ensuring a quality education for every student is a social justice issue and one that we all must tackle together.  The Compact and this website are a strong start,” said Associate Superintendent of Catholic Schools, Chris Flieger.

BostonSchoolsHub builds upon previous work by the Boston Compact partners. The public sectors have aligned their enrollment calendars, linked to one another’s websites, and shared showcases of schools for the past two years. BPS Welcome Centers also have distributed charter applications for charter schools in their zone. The new website is the next step in streamlining systems in order to make processes easier for families and help each school sector enroll student populations that reflect the City.

 The Boston Compact is supported by generous grants from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Barr Foundation, the Boston Foundation and the Lynch Foundation.


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  2. This unified enrollment reduces my BPS choice from 13 down to 6, eliminated the Early Education School with Sheltered English Instruction classes and eliminated our Dual Language school option to only add a Charter that our daughter was wait listed #103 and added a Catholic school we can’t afford? This is not what I want and attended many of the Boston Compact Community Meetings to be certain many heard me.