New Political Science Degree Studies Marginalized Groups

Beninese Teachers & Wheelock Students 2011 In keeping with our goal to be a college that teaches cutting edge scholarship, combined with a mission to create a safe, caring, and just world for children and families, Wheelock is proud to announce the Fall 2012 launch of a Political Science and Global Studies major. Similar to many of our programs, this new major puts the voices, experiences, and struggles of marginalized groups at the center of scholarly and intellectual inquiry.

In contrast to many traditional political science majors, Wheelock’s new major will examine how politics, on a local, national, and global level shape, and often limit, the lives of non-elite groups. From the study of how Boston is a hub for sex trafficked women, to an exploration of how globalization determines the type of food we buy from local supermarkets, this major will offer students courses that illustrate the ways all our lives are intertwined, the ways that local choices have global ramifications, and how the struggle for equality knows no national borders.

Wheelock College wants its students to be leaders in their future careers, and this demands that we develop in students a sense of political engagement and responsibility. The new major will offer a compelling range of courses taught by professors in political science, anthropology, sociology, history, economics, African American Studies, women’s studies, and media studies. Only by combining such diverse areas of study, can we begin to capture the complexity of global politics, and culture, in ways that pay tribute to multiple experiences.

Students will work closely with an advisor to create a personalized area of study that speaks to their interests and passions. Courses will be carefully selected to ensure that students build an academically vibrant major that is as interesting as it is challenging. Towards this end, we offer students a range of internships—from working with local unions to traveling to Africa (note the attached image from a 2011 service learning trip to West Africa)—that provide real world experiences and skills for becoming an empowered citizen and a future leader.  For more information, please contact Dr. Gail Dines at


Bravo on the new Political Science major. Wheelock students have always be activists in support of children and families, and this new endeavor is positively exciting. As an alum I hope you will reach out to educate us as well on the issues, books to read, and ways to push for legislation in our states. Thank you.

Posted @ Tuesday, January 03, 2012 6:32 PM by Joan Bennert, class of 1961